Newspaper printing terminology

See also news value above. Cyan A shade of blue used in four-color process printing. Printing is usually done so that if folding is required, the fold is done parallel to the grain. To use one outlet of a media company to promote something in another outlet. The most common structure for writing a news story, with the main news at the start and the rest of the detail following in decreasing order of importance.

Condition To keep paper in the pressroom for a few hours or days before printing so that its moisture level and temperature equal that in the pressroom. Popularly called a 'scoop'.

The distance in points between one baseline and the next. Title of a news story Inverted Pyramid: Camera-ready Copy Mechanicals, photographs and art fully prepared for reproduction according to the technical requirements of the printing process being used.

Insert A piece of printed material that is inserted into another piece of printed material, such as a magazine or catalog. Websites are new media, newspapers and even television are said to be old media. Dot gain A term used to describe when dots are printing larger than they should.

Getting the most out of a printing press by using the maximum sheet size to print multiple images or jobs on the same sheet. Choke Technique of slightly reducing the size of an image to create a hairline trap or to outline. Short for capital letter.

Newspaper Printing Company

It is run by the not-for-profit creativecommons. To send a report from a reporter on location to the newsroom or studio. A metallic or pigmented coating on plastic sheets or rolls used in foil stamping and foil embossing.

Color Break In multicolor printing, the point, line or space at which one ink color stops and another begins. Compare with upper case. Bumped Heads— Similar headlines running side by side that create monotony and the tendency to read across. A special supplement - often attached to advertising or a promotion - which is inserted into a newspaper or magazine and can be lifted out by a reader.

Bleed— An illustration filling one or more margins and running off the edge of the page or border; used frequently in magazines and advertisements.

Cutting Die Usually a custom ordered item to trim specific and unusual sized printing projects. The editorial person in charge of a production unit or a series of programs, having control over content, production and, in many cases, staff. People who take up the offer to help may be rewarded in some way e.

Small, focused audio and video programs delivered directly to a specialised audience on a program-by-program basis, often by subscription. A term for a transparency.

Cover Paper Category of thick paper used for products such as posters, menus, folders and covers of paperback books.

Glossary of Terms

Binding by stapling along one side of a sheet. To prepare raw material - such as text or recorded vision - for publication or broadcast, checking aspects such as accuracy, spelling, grammar, style, clarity etc.

Liquid laminate bonded and cured with ultraviolet light. A patented method of binding perfect bound books so they will open and lay flatter.

Glossary Of Terms

Keyline Lines that are drawn on artwork that indicate the exact placement, shape and size of elements including halftones, illustrations, etc.

We also give prominence to terms based on Commonwealth practices, with others - such as those used in the US - also given where appropriate. Glossary Of Terms. Please click on the letter below to jump to specified section of alphabet. an offset printing plate with a specially treated surface to reduce wear during printing.

the designed title of a newspaper as it appears at the top of page one. A printing method using flexible plates where the image to be printed is higher than the non-printing areas. The inked areas are then contact the material to be printed, transferring the ink from the raised areas to the material.

A number assigned to a specific printing project in a printing company for use in tracking and historical record keeping. Job Ticket Form used by service bureaus, separators and printers to specify production schedule of a job and the materials it needs.


Glossary of Printing Terms

TERMINOLOGY. THE PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION serial rights: a subsidiary right involving the sale of extracts from a title to a newspaper or magazine. sheetfed: printing term for a machine printing individual sheets of paper. press room: The large room or building housing the printing machines (presses) for a newspaper or magazine.

Also called a 'print room'. press run: The printing of an edition of a newspaper or magazine. Also the number of copies printed.

Glossary Of Terms

Also called a print run. Media Terminology - PRINT. Print Subset - Presents a terminology of mass media including accumulation, achievement and audience composition.

Space on either side of the masthead, or the top corners of the front page of a newspaper section, that is sold for advertising. Publication whose typesetting signal is sent to distant printing.

Newspaper printing terminology
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